In today's fast paced life, erratic work schedule, challenging work environment lack of nutrition is taking toll which in turn get reflected on the health, work performance and family life. To bridge this gap we at Anannda Foods & Beverages present healthy range of products to keep your life healthy and that doesn't even feels like keeping it that healthy. It simply means "no compromise with health and taste".

Horlicks Biscuits
It feels energetic when we say the name Horlicks, The great family nourisher now presents a range of healthy biscuits. Horlicks Glucose biscuits are made with pure milk and glucose with added power of calcium.

Horlicks Nutribic
Tasty and healthy digestive biscuits made with wheat bran, milk, fruit nutrients and lots of healthy stuff. In daily life it is your love to yourself.

It is known to provide instant relief from acidity, gastric discomfort and heart burn. Its fruit salt effervescence acts as an antacid to curb gastrointestinal uneasiness and is gentle to your stomach inner walls. It is in Orange, Mausambi, Lemon, Guava and Regular flavors in both sachets and bottles.

Twinings Green Tea
Twinnings of London, The premier tea brand from London (UK) traces its history to the year 1706. Its been a connoisseurs choice, the finest tea across globe. 
'Boost is the secret of winning energy', Boost is India's leading Health Food Drinks in a chocolate flavor. It was developed by the company's R&D team in 1974 and launched in 1975-76. Its success characterizes the manner and skill with which GlaxoSmithKline consume healthcare has responded to the changing contours of this product segment in recent times.