Benefits of installing Vitesse® vending machine into your workplace:
▄ It's a great way to make your staff happy at no cost to you.
▄ There is no or little need for tea boys to serve as your staff can self-serve themselves
▄ Increase productivity for staff who used to leave the workplace to get a cup of tea / coffee.
▄ You staff consumes 15 minutes a day to make 3 cups of Tea / Coffee that accumulates to
   6 – 7 hours per month and 70 – 78 hours per year, Vitesse® saves that time.
▄ 24 hour availability of hot beverages for staff at workplaces with extended hours.
▄ Safety is improved as the beverage is produced at 88 - 90 degrees.
▄ No more boiling kettles or arguments and hassle as many of us have experienced.
▄ Vitesse® requires no need to buy milk, cleaning products and wash up dirty mugs.
▄ Vitesse® has inbuilt on / off switch to avoid misuse after break time or during non working hours.

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